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Group 1 (Toys)

General Apperance: Well balanced, sturdy, compact, elegant, short coupled, smooth-coated toy dog. Naturally well groomed, proud, vigorous & alert.

Characteristics: Precise hackney gait, fearless animation, complete self-possession & spirited presence

Temperament: Fearless & Alert

Head & Skull: More elongated than short & round. Narrow, without conspicuous cheek formation. In proportion to body. Skull flat when viewed from front. Muzzle rather strong & proportionate to skull. Nostrils well formed. Nose black with exception of chocolate and blue in which it may be self-coloured.

Eyes: Fitting well into face. neither too full nor round, nor too small or slanting. Black or nearly black.

Ears: Set high, as small as possible, erect or dropped.


Mouth: Jaws strong, with a perfect, regular & complete scissor bite, i.e the upper teeth closely overlapping the lower teeth & set square to the jaw.

Neck: Strong yet graceful, slightly arched. Well fitted into shoulders. free from throatiness.

Forequaters: Forechest well developed & full, moderately broad: shoulders clean, sloping with moderate angulation. Legs straight, medium bone, elbows close to body.

Body: Square, back line straight, sloping towards rear. Belly moderately tucked up. Ribs well sprung, deep rather than barrelled. Viewed from top slighty wedge shaped.

Hindquarters: Parallel & wide enough apart to fit in with a properly built body. Hindquarters well developed, muscular with good sweep of stifle, & hocks turning neither in nor out. legs straight, medium bone.

Feet: Cat-like: nails dark

Tail: Continuation of topline carried a little high & prefferably docked short.

Gait/Movement: Co-ordinated to permit a true hackneyed action.

Coat: Smooth, hard & short. Straight & lustrous. Closely adhearing to & uniformly covering body. Hair forming ridge on any part of head, body or legs is highly undesirable.

Colour: Black, blue, chocolate with sharply defined tan markings on cheeks, lips, lower jaw, throat, twin spots above eyes & chest, lower half of forelegs, inside of hindlegs & vent region, lower portion of hocks & feet. All above colours have black pencilling on toes without thumb marks except chocolates which have brown pencilling. Solid red of various shades. Slight white on chest permissible but undesirable.

Sizes: Height: from 25.5cm - 30cm ( 10-12ins ) at withers

Faults: Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault & the seriousness with which the fault should be regarded should be exact proportion to its degree.

Notes: Male animals should have two (2) apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.

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