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27.10.2012 -Euroa & Dist Kennel Club Inc - Turk brings home another Best of Breed, fresh out of Track & search, we hope to gain that Grand Champion Title soon!

31.08.2012 - We have gone out with a BANG in the Tracking season with Turk collecting his TSD (Track &Search) test 1 today, and not to be outdone by our ever so trusting Sassy who brought home her Track & Search pass number 4 with a bang! (Judge was Mrs Judy Pillinger) These dogs are loving their new found fame - WORLD WIDE.. I could not be prouder of them both!

04.08.2012 - making the MASSIVE trek up to Bendigo Obedience Dog Club for their Track, Search & Rescue trial proved what trust I had in Sassy. She brought home her TSD Title in style under (Judge mrs T Freizer, NSW) - thank you Sassy for letting us own you! you truely are amazing xo


22.07.2012 - Just on 1 week later Turk completes his TRACKING CHAMPION Status on home ground turf at GIppsland Obedience Dog Club Inc under (Judge Mrs Kim Houlden) Graded a "VERY GOOD" to complete the status - We are so proud our furkids can combine beauty with brains! Turk now own his own very slice of Australian History being only the 2nd Minpin to ever achieve this special award (Kennel mate Sassy being the 1st)

15.07.2012 - Tracking Season is now back open and Turk collects his TDX (tracking dog of Excellance) all the way up in the beautiful country town of Broadford under (Judge Mrs Dawn Howard) turk is graded "Good" - yet another title under our young mans belt

09.06.2012 - Turk again collect a lovely Best Of Breed at Toy Dog Club Of Vic Inc under (Judge Ms Lee Parker, W.A) we are now well on our way to gaining our Grand Champion

.3.06.2012 - Tracking Club Of Victoria - Yet another pass for our ever so talented Sassy, passing her TSD 2, Judge was (Kim Houlden)

28.04.2012 - Tracking Club Of Victoria - Sassy comes out to wow everyone by passing her TSD 1 (Track,Search & Rescue) being graded a "Very Good" under Judge (Mrs L Klecka)

22.04.2012 - Turk wow's us all and gains his BEST IN SPECIALY SHOW (25 points) under Judge Mrs Cathy Scotton - A HUGE achievment for our breed

09.04.2012 - Turk Goes Best Of Breed at Town & Country Kennel Club Inc (Judge was S Lishman)

19.01.2012 - Turk again Best Of Breed - Berwick Al Breed Club Inc (Judge was Mr W. Douglas)

 21.01.2012 - Turk goes Best Of Breed. Lang Lang PA & H Association Inc (Judge was Miss J Risk (NSW)

15.01.2012 - Turk Best Of Breed Yarra Ranges Kennel Club Inc ( Judge was Mrs l Chalmers (N.Z)

08.01.2012 - The man has done it again!!! Turk = Dog Challenge, Best Of Breed AND BEST IN GROUP (2)Central Gippsland Kennel Club Inc (Judge was Mrs M Benton (Vic))

07.01.2012 - Turk of to a great start for 2012, Dog Challange, Best Of Breed and BEST IN GROUP (2) - Central Gippsland Kennel Club Inc (Judge was Ms D Saltau (Vic))

13.11.2011: Turk goes Best Of Breed Yet again! Morwell/Traralgon Kennel Club Inc (Judge was Mr R Jarman (Sth Africa)

12.11.2011: Turk = R/U Best Of Breed - Morwell/Traralgon Kennel Club Inc (Judge was Mrs S Baxter (W.A))

27.08.2011: Macalister All Breeds Kennel & Obedience  - Turk Goes Best of Breed (Judge was Ms J Browning (Sth Africa))

14.08.2011: Sassy delivers not 3, not 4 but 5 healthy babies! 4 girls, 1 boy - ALL Black & Tans. Mum & Bubs all doing well.

12.08.11: Countdown is on for Sassy & Voodoo's Babies to arrive - I HOPE the stork is not late!

24.07.11: Ballarat Open Tracking Trial - Turk Passes his tracking test 4 with a grading of Good in heavy bush conditions! Judge: Mrs Necia Lynch

18.07.11: We confirm Sassy in Pup (5 Weeks) to "Ch Kimico Black Magic" - this is a litter we are very excited about.

17.07.2011: Gippsland Obedience Dog Club - Turk amazes me ( as i loose my footwear) to keep tracking and collect his TD (Tracking Dog) Title - Way to go Turk :-)

26.06.2011: Eastern Tracking Trial - At the heavliy balloted tracking trial at Coldstream, Turk passes his Tracking Test 2, well on our way now.......

 5.6.2011: Hastings Tracking Trial - Turk passes his Tracking test 1 at the beautiful tracking grounds at Hastings.

27.5.2011: Our most GORGEOUS, PRETTY & BEAUTIFUL Dobergirl Cleo was put to rest. This has totally devastated me, and I feel she was the most remarkable Dog I have ever seen or had. Such grace & willingness to please with the MOST fantastic temperament one could ask for. I love you princess and I miss you too eternity my girl. May you run free and spread your beautiful wings, fly free from pain and wag you bum in heaven. :-( xxoo 

17.04.2011: Miniature Pinscher Club of Vic: Turk goes R/U and Best Open Dog In Specialty Show (Mr W Mooney)

03.03.2011: It is with a extreamly sad and very heavy heart that we announce the retirement of conformation & tracking of our beautiful, stunning & gorgeous Fireax Girl "Cleo" You have done us proud Miss Cleo, and we love you unconditionally no matter what. Cleo will now continue her days as a much adored family pet and enjoy further cuddles from my 2 leggerd kids.

09.01.2011: Yarra Ranges Kennel Club Inc: Turk Best Of Breed (Mr Rick Fehler (Can)

 02.01.2011: Central Gippsland kennel Club Inc: Turk Challenge Dog (Mrs L Walsh)

14.11.2010: Morwell/ Traralgon Kennel Club Inc: Our Turk BEST OF BREED (Mrs L. Hiltz, (USA)

13.11.2010: Morwell/Traralgon Kennel Club Inc: Turk goes yet agiain Best Of Breed (Mr S. Thomas (QLD)

13.11.2010: Morwell/Traralgon Kennel Club Inc: Miss Cleo: Challenge Bitch (Mrs H Gross-Richardson, (W.A) 

23.10.2010: Southern Cross Kennel Club: Miss Cleo: Best Of Breed (Mrs R Nagle, (NSW)

25.09.2010: Royal Melbourne Championship Show: Turk Goes BEST OF BREED!!! (Mr B Owen, (Can) 

04.09.2010: East Gippsland K/C: Turk Best Of Breed (Mrs M Hoy, (NSW)

03.09.2010: East Gippsland K/C - Cleo Challenge Bitch & R/Up Best Of Breed (Mrs B Daines, (NSW)

03.09.2010: East Gippsland K/C - Turk Best Of Breed (Mrs B Daines,(NSW) 

29.08.2010: International Winter Festival - Macalister  All Breeds K/C - Turk Best Of Breed (Mrs P Heikkinen - Lehkonen, (Fin)

28.08.2010: International Winter Festival - Macalister All Breeds K/C - Turk again goes Best Of Breed (Mrs E Whitney, (Can)

27.08.2010: International Winter Festival - Macalister All Breeds K/C - Turk goes Best Of Breed, also shortlisted in Group (Mr R Whitney, (Can)

22.08.2010: Cleo passes her Tracking Test 4 all the way over in Inverleigh (Near Geelong, Vic). Graded Good, Judge: Mrs Helen Den Hartog. 

18.07.2010: Could not ask for better girls. They have exceeded their willingness to please me today. Sassy went ahead and collected her Tracking Champion Title today, finishing up with another grading of Very Good! Miss Cleo was right up next to her friend and completed her Tracking Test 3 (T.D) title, and not be outdone by Sassy, she also earned another grading of Very Good! What a fabulous day for us!!!!!! Judge: Mr Rob Tester.

11.07.2010: Both my lovely girls were fortunate enough to get a spot in Broadford Tracking Trial, and amazed me yet again. Minpin Sassy passing her Tracking Test 6 (T.D.X), with yet another grading of Very Good, and my Dobie Girl Cleo also passing her Tracking Test 2, also graded another Very Good! Judge: Mrs Denise Burriss, and again handled by Mrs Julie Angwin. Both my girls are just wonderful. 

27.06.2010: Our beautiful Fireax girl Cleo managed to get into the heavily balloted Eastern Suburbs (Coldstream) Tracking Trial for her Track Test 1, and passed with a wonderful grading of Very Good! Judge: Mrs Lynn Klecka, and handled by Mrs Julie Angwin. Well done to Princess Cleo - you made my day beautiful.

06.06.2010: Sassy Passes her Track Test 5 at the beautiful pastures of Hastings Folscott Farm with a grading of Very Good! Judge: Mrs Denise Burriss, Also awarded "Tracking Dog of the day!" 2 more to go little miss and your're there.

06.01.2010: Our gorgeous girl Sassy finally had her babies! 1 black & Tan boy, 1 black & Tan Girl, 1 Red Girl - Well done Sass, you have exceeded our expectations yet again!

2010 Miniature Pinscher Club of Vic (OP): Turk is Best Champion in Show

2010 United Pinscher Club Of Vic (OP): Turk is Best Champion of Breed & Best Champion in Show!!!

02.01.2010: Central Gippsland K/C - Turk goes R/Up Best of Breed (Mr M Martin)

27.12.09: Central Highland K/C - Turk goes Best Of Breed (Mr D Bowe, (NSW)

29.11.09: Morwell/Traralgon K/C - Turk goes Best Of Breed (Mr A Beattie,(W.A)

28.11.09: Morwell/Traralgon K/C - Our Stunning Fireax Girl goes Best Of Breed (Mrs A Collyer)

03.11.09: Sassy & Turk finally mated - bubbins due early Jan.

31.10.2009: Miniature Pinscher Club Of Vic Special Classes- Sass 2nd Best hackney gait (Mr K Lee)

25.09.09: Royal Melbourne Show - Cleo goes 2nd place in Intermediate Bitch Class up against some lovely competition! Good girl Miss Cleo.

13.09.09: Sassy again amazes everybody & collects her Track Test 4 under very heavy Bush conditions! Graded - Good (Mr E Howden)

05.09.09: We welcome Turk into our family home.

09.08.09: DJ (Fireax Classic Mastery ET) & I complete our 20km Endurance Test with the Rottweiler Club of Vic (Mrs D Ayton) & what a challenge this was. DJ is one superfit Dobermann!!!!! Well done to our boy!

18.07.09: Sassy is able to "Track on" in Gippsland and obtained her Tracking Test 3 "TD" title! Graded - Very Good (Mrs D Howard), this now makes Sassy the very first (1) Miniature Pinscher in Australia to Have a tracking title under her belt

18.07.09: Gippsland Tracking Trial - Sassy easliy wow's everybody in tracking and passes her Tracking Test 2 - Graded - Very Good (Mrs D Howard)

19.10.08: Whittlesea K/C: Cleo goes Best Junior in Group ( Mr D Bowe, NSW)

05.09.08: East Gippsland K/C: Cleo goes Best Junior In Group (Mrs J Kirin, ACT)

21/07/08: Sassy passes her Preliminary Qualifying Test in Gippsland! Lets Rock little girl & bring home that Tracking Champion Title!!!! ( Mrs L Klecka)

17.02.08: Sapphire Coast Champ Show: Cleo goes Best Minor In Group (Mrs R Kemp, S.A)

16.2.08: Sapphire Coast Champ Show: Cleo goes Challenge Bitch & Best Minor In Group (Mrs D Wilson, N.Z)

15.02.08: Sapphire Coast Champ Show: Cleo is Reserve Challenge Bitch & Minor In Group (Mrs S. Monk, W.A)

13.01.08: Yarra Ranges K/C: Cleo goes Best Minor Puppy In Group





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