Our Foundation Dogs

These are our Foundation Dogs



"T.Ch Yiyanda Cheltobe Sassysin" TSDX or better known as "Sassy" is the absolute apple of my eye. The very first time I laid my eyes upon her I knew she would keep me on my toes. She had so much spunk and mischeiviness about her from day dot. This young girl certainly has surprised alot of people both nationally and internationally.  On the 17/07/2010 Sassy earned herself her very own little spot in Australian History by passing her Tracking Test 7 (T.Ch), with a grading of Very Good.  She is the very first Miniature Pinscher  in Australaisa to hold a Tracking Champion Title. This very clever girl has always exceeded our expectations, and I am sure she will in the future with what ever tasks we ask of her, which more recently included becoming the only Miniature Pinscher in the WORLD to hold a Track & Search Title! We are owned by this young lass and adore her to eternity. We certainly look forward to future Titles with her.

BISS DUAL (T) Champion "Yiyanda Torenv Turk " or better known as "Turk" come to live  with our family in September 2009, with many thanks to the amazing trust that "John Gialelis" from Yiyanda Kennels has put into us. Turk quickley adapted to his new cozy lifestyle with my family and is an absolute amazing young dog. Not only is he an exceptional example of the Minpin breed, but oozes substance and good bone.  Turk has a fantastic temperment which  speaks for itself, as those that know him, love him.  I brought Turk out to the Royal Melbourne Championship dog show in 2010 with minimal showing where he easliy won Challenge Dog and Best Of Breed. This is a huge statement from a young chap who owns the ring and demands attention when he enters. He is only shown occassionally, and very rarely overlooked for a challenge or Best of Breed. He is also a BEST IN SPECIALTY SHOW WINNER. Turk has also now completed his Tracking Champion Title, making him only the 2nd Miniature Pinscher in Australasia (next to kennel mate "Sassy") to have this special and hard earned title. He is well on his way to catching up with Sassy and her latest Track & Search Title, which will see him become, yet again the 2nd Miniature Pinscher in the world to collect this special title.






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